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December 8, 2017 - I was interviewed by my chapter of the Horror Writers Association. Check it out here.

November 17, 2017 - If you like Books A Million, you can now order the paperback copy of How the Vortex Changed My Life at their online website. Click here for more info.

I am returning as a writer guest at Mysticon February 23-25, 2018. Check Appearances at a Glance for the hotel, address and website link.

October 30, 2017 - I was interviewed on Virginia This Morning TV talk show on October 30, 2017. You can see the interview here.

October 21, 2017 - The trade paperback edition of the urban fantasy novel, How the Vortex Changed My Life, is now available online at Barnes and Noble.

October 4, 2017 - I will be doing a virtual blog tour for How the Vortex Changed My Life. Check the schedule:

October 8, 2017: I Smell Sheep Reviews
October 9, 2017: KMN Books
October 10, 2017: Carol Writes: The Write Drive
October 13, 2017: Fantastic Dreams of Pamela K. Kinney

I will have a giveaway for those leaving comments on the blog: a $20 Amazon gift certificate. I will post the winner on my blog, on October 16, 2017, at 12 Noon Eastern. The winner must leave a comment with name and email (don’t worry, I must approve comments and I won’t post it on my blog, just email you, so we can get you your prize).

October 2, 2017 - I will be reading from How the Vortex Changed My Life, then signing copies of the urban fantasy novel at Chop Suey Books from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Friday, October 13th. For the address and more, check Appearances at a Glance.

September 27, 2017 - The copies of my new novel, How the Vortex Changed My Life, have arrived by UPS, ready for my events coming up. This includes a book signing at a local independent bookstore, The Little Bookshop, in Midlothian, Virginia, on October 14th. For address and time, check Appearances at a Glance for that.

September 20, 2017 - My urban fantasy novel, How the Vortex Changed My Life, is now available as a trade paperback. You can find it HERE. And for those readers in the UK: it's available on Kindle and paperback on AmazonUK.

September 15, 2017 - The kindle of my urban fantasy novel How the Vortex Changed My Life is now available at Amazon. Find it here.

September 1, 2017 - I will be an author guest for Marscon 2018 in Williamsburg, Virginia January 12-14. For the hotel address and website link of the convention check out Appearances at a Glance.

August 29, 2017 - I just got the poster for the Charlottesville Book Fair being held November 18, 2017, in Charlotesville, Virginia. Here it is!

July 19, 2017 - I just got the word that I will be a guest again at Monster Fest at the Chesapeake Central Library October 7, 2017. For address and times, check Appearances at a Glance.

July 15, 2017 - Besides being in the Scares That Cares dealers room at the Horror Writers Association Virginia chapter tables Saturday, July 22nd (off and on--my books will be there though), selling and signing my books, I will also be doing the Horror Writers Association Virginia Meet & Greet at 8:30pm – 9:30pm. in Rooms A & B: Come meet the members of the Virginia Chapter of the Horror Writer’s Association and learn more about their organization. So if you get one of my books, but I wasn't there to sign it, you will definitely catch me at the panel. For more on Scares That Cares Weekend, the link is here.

July 14, 2017 - Paranormal World Seekers will have a canopy at Paracon at Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach, Virginia Saturday, September 30, 2017. I will be selling my books there, besides PWS selling the DVDs. General admission is $10 and the event is open to the public, rain or shine. Check Appearances at a Glance for time and address.

July 13, 2017 - I will be signing my ghost books and my horror fiction, plus hopefully my urban fantasy novel, How the Vortex Changed My Life, will be released by then, at the Shockoe Cemetery Book Fair that will be put on by The Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery, on Sunday September 24, 2017.

And on November 18, 2017, I will be doing the Indie Author Book Fair. You can find the addresses, times, and more at Appearances at a Glance to the right.

May 25, 2017 - For those who are stationed at Fort Lee in the Tri-Cities area of Virginia, or if you know someone stationed there, I will be selling and signing copies of Paranormal Petersburg, Virginia, and the Tri-Cities Area and Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales at the Main Px June 30, July 1 and 2, 2017. Address and times at Appearances at a Glance.

And I'll be returning to the New Author Expo part of the Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival Saturday, August 12, 2017, from 12 noon to 6:00 p.m. The New Author Expo will be held in the Naismith Room on the second floor, around the corner from the Art Galleries. The whole event is open and free to the public.

April 26, 2017 - I will be at Paracon @the Exchange Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the Exchange Hotel Museum in Gordonsville, Virginia. Check Appearances at a Glance for the address, times, and link to their website. I will be with Paranormal World Seekers and we will have tables there, selling the DVDs, plus my and fellow investigator Carol Smith's books. Adult are $10.00 and $5.00 for children ages 8-12, with children 7 and under free.

April 27, 2017 - I will be assisting at the Horror Writers Association, Virginia chapter table on Saturday, July 22, 2017 only (though the convention is July 21-23, 2017), plus selling and signing my books there. Check Appearances at a Glance for address and Scares That Care Weekend's website link.

March 29, 2017 - I will be interviewed on a paranormal radio show, Haunt Jaunts, on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, at 7-8 p.m. CT, 8-9pm EST. You can learn more about the show at Info or the schedule at Schedule.

To listen: Directly from ParaMania Radio’s site: Here. (Either their site, or on your phone via their mobile apps, which are available in Google play or the App Store. Note: If you have a Sonos system, TuneIn is also available there.) For those who can't hear it live, the show will be archived afterwards ParaMania Radio On Demand: Archive.

March 4, 2017 - I'm confirmed for the annual Starfleet Atlantic Science Fiction Yard Sale on May 27th. The rain date is June 3rd, but if that happens, I won't be able to attend. For more information, check out Appearances at a Glance or email Starfleet. This event is free to the public.

March 2, 2017 - I will be selling and signing my books and the Paranormal World Seekers DVDs at Galacticon in Virginia Beach May 20th. For more information, check Appearances at a Glance.

February 12, 2017 - Cover reveal for my urban fantasy novel, How the Vortex Changed My Life can be found here.

January 4, 2017 - I will be publishing my urban fantasy, How the Vortex Changed My Life by the end of 2017.

Blurb: Cat Viggolone just can’t get a break. She'd gotten married, but that ended when the husband left her for his younger secretary. She'd wanted children. That flew out the window along with the cheating husband. There’s the career, but working a window at the Virginia DMV can’t really be classified as a great career choice. At thirty-three, her life had become positively dull.

Then the vortex opened.

Sucked up into a corridor just outside of Hell, she meets Connor, a werewolf, and Larry, a demon that looks like a blue-eyed eyeball. They escape back to earth, only to find that the vortex has opened up in downtown Richmond. The town is going to hell, literally. Besides a grayness seeping out and turning all living things into zombies, monsters and demons are invading Cat’s world.

Will Cat and her new friends (including an angel named George) be able to stop the vortex before it claims the entire planet?

Cat’s life is definitely no longer humdrum and ordinary.

January 3, 2017 - Got my schedule for Marscon, happening January 13-15th, at the Doubletree Hotel in Williamsburg. For the address of the convention and the link to their website, check my Appearances at a Glance.

Friday 9pm – Ghost Hunt - I am leading this. Please feel free to bring your own camera, camcorders and recorders to record for yourselves

Saturday 10am – Fantastic Beasts and How to Write Them - How do you describe the movement of a dragon? What happens when a shape shifter becomes a sea wyvern? These authors discuss the technicalities of creating larger than life creatures realistically. Panelists: Todd McCaffrey, Mari Mancusi, Pamela K. Kinney, D.C. McLaughlin

Saturday 2pm – Cosplay: Old School vs. New School - Before it became known as Cosplay it was simply known as Costuming - What is the difference or is there any? Panelists: Birdy, Erica Bortnick, Cheralyn Lambeth, Mera Babineaux, Pamela Kinney

Saturday 7pm – Dragons in Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction - Panelists will talk about how dragons are incorporated in these genre fiction and what makes the dragon a hot commodity for them. Panelists: Pamela K. Kinney, Margaret S. McGraw, Mari Mancusi, Joelle Presby

Sunday 10am – A World full of Monsters - From Blutbads to Zauberbiest, La Llorna & The Jersey Devil - join us as we explore the worlds of Grimm, Supernatural, and Teen Wolf and their use of the many creatures from history and other diverse cultures. Monsters such as the Kitsune of Japan, the Djinn of the Middle East, or the Chupacabra of Mexico and they have been used in these shows’ interpretations as well as some of the cultures that brought them. See what it takes to defend humanity from creatures that do more than just go bump in the night. Panelists: Pamela K. Kinney, D.C. McLaughlin

Sunday 12noon – Indie Publishing: Getting Known as an Author - Most people understand what marketing is, but far fewer understand the role that publicity pays in selling your work. One without the other often falls flat…but when your local newspaper won’t talk to you, how do you get publicity? Come hear how our experts do it. Panelists: Chris Kennedy, Pamela K. Kinney, Kim Headlee, Tabitha Grace Challis, D.C. McLaughlin