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Coming Soon! My story, "Dementia" in Terror at Miskatonic Falls. More info to come.

"Let Demon Dogs Lie" in Southern Haunts: Devils in the Darkness. From Seventh Star Press

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"Devil in The Details" in Harboring Secrets. From Cherokee McGhee

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"Give Me Something Good to Eat" and "At The Movies" in All Hallows' Eve. Free Read

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"Pukwudgies, Little Monsters of New England" in Northern Haunts: 100 Terrifying Tales of New England. From Shroud Publishing.

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"Plagued" in Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region.

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"Donating" in Inhuman Magazine.

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Now available from Mystery and Horror LLC. Check them out here.

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"13 Backyard Monsters"

Sure, that rustling out there in the woods at the edge of your back yard in the dead of night—that's just a scavenging raccoon…right?

That's no sea serpent out past the lake shadows—it's merely a piece of driftwood.

That great shadow streaking over you? Nothing more than a fast-moving cloud.

Keep telling yourself that.

In these thirteen stories, lots of people do. Until it's too late.

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"Fae Thee Well"

A compilation of fairy stories from authors and poets who spread their wings 'round the globe to wind your imagination into magical tales rooted in both familiar and exotic. These stories explore the many facets of mythic creatures. From the ethereal and majestic to the urban and everyday.

Delve in and find your new favorite artist.

Edited by Tara Moeller.

This collection includes works from

Travis I. SivartEmberly Summers
Andrew HillerAllison Norfolk
Pamela K. KinneyA.I. Mychalus
C.H. WilliamsV. Szulc
Ella RiteJeremy Rodden
Luna Nyx FrostThomas B. DeMayo
P.A. O'NeilI. Mira
Joseph R. KennedyE.C. Gibbs

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"The Virginia Writers Club Richmond Chapter Golden Nib Contest 2018"

My poem: Warrior Not Forgotten.

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