Demon Memories

No one expected the apocalypse in the almost idyllic small town of Moon Ridge, nestled in the mountains of Virginia.

Harper Doyle feels different. She has more than her fair share of problems than any normal teenager; an absent father her mother doesn’t talk about, and her friends died in a fire a year ago. There’s no boyfriend in sight, not even the cute former childhood friend, Jake Hewitt, who’s too busy hanging with the bratty son of the richest man in Moon Ridge.

It gets worse when Harper discovers she’s possessed by a demon.

Cresil is a demon with a problem. She wants to be shed of Harper but finds she can’t. An exorcism by Jake’s psychic mother doesn’t help.

Even worse, Cresil learns that she was never the demon summoned, but was sent by magic to take that demon’s place.

Baal has plans that include leading Lucifer’s demonic army into the mortal realm to jump start the apocalypse and battle Heaven. He just needs a possessed mortal to keep the portal between Earth and Hell open.

Except there’s a prophesy—that includes Cresil, Harper, and Jake—to stop the end of the world.

Coming soon from Dreampunk Press! The hardcover version releases October 15, 2024. The paperback and ebook versions arrive January 2025.

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Christmas Magic

The Season of Christmas is not just for humans. It is a season of joy for things natural and unnatural, too.

Join the celebration!

Award-winning author Pamela K. Kinney's first children's book is wonderfully, magically illustrated by independent artist Brit Austin.

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How the Vortex Changed My Life

Cat Viggolone just can’t get a break. She'd gotten married, but that ended when the husband left her for his younger secretary. She'd wanted children. That flew out the window along with the cheating husband. There’s the career, but working a window at the Virginia DMV can’t really be classified as a great career choice. At thirty-three, her life had become positively dull.

Then the vortex opened.

Sucked up into a corridor just outside of Hell, she meets Connor, a werewolf, and Larry, a demon that looks like a blue-eyed eyeball. They escape back to earth, only to find that the vortex has opened up in downtown Richmond. The town is going to hell, literally. Besides a grayness seeping out and turning all living things into zombies, monsters and demons are invading Cat’s world.

Will Cat and her new friends (including an angel named George) be able to stop the vortex before it claims the entire planet?

Cat’s life is definitely no longer humdrum and ordinary.

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