Spectre Nightmares and Visitations

Many things scare us. But the most fearful things are those that infect our nightmares and visitations. Monsters from the closet or from another planet. Ghosts that haunt more than houses. Werewolves are not the only shapeshifters to beware of. Children can be taken from more than the human kind of monsters. Even normal things can be the start of a heart-pounding terror. Prepare to step beyond the pages into Spectre Nightmares and Visitations.

Just tell yourself that they're only stories.

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Dark Eyes

Keri Watkins moved to Obsidian Bay, Maine to escape the pain her former life held. But the village by the sea was disturbing. The residents all had dark eyes. Even the sea seemed dark at times. But still, the place was perfect for her. As was the man she met, Phelan Obsidian. Even his dark eyes that were like the others' were perfect.

Or was it all too perfect?

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