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A demonic ghost terrifying a young boy in his own home. The ghost of a former resident in a 24-hour residential care facility still roaming his old home, seemingly attached to his possessions still kept there. Ghosts at an historical site engaging in conversation with a paranormal investigator and the ghost of a former steward still haunting a floor of the Queen Mary. These are just some of the very true yet spine-tingling stories you will get to read in True Ghost Stories, a collection of true spooky tales. Reading these stories may make you think twice the next time you dismiss something you see out of the corner of your eye. These stories are proof that even though they may no longer be of this world, certain people still cling to their old stomping grounds!

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Have you ever been driving, alone, at night, and know that what you saw along the side of the road was not human? Do you ever wonder just what was howling on your last camping trip? Have you ever felt your skin crawl as you passed by that hitchhiker in the fog?

Join Pamela K. Kinney as she explores the North American tales and mythology that deal with shapeshifting frights. From the arid deserts of the American Southwest to the dense forest of the American Northwest, and even farther north to the Last Frontier of Alaska; from the Midwest to the Appalachian Mountains, continuing to the Atlantic Ocean in the east and down south to Florida, the tales of were-beasts are myriad-and hauntingly similar.

With all these stories spanning cultures and landscapes, might there be some spark of truth to them?

Researching books, movies, and legends, Pamela K. Kinney leaves nothing unturned in her quest to discern the truth about the shapeshifters stalking North America.

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The Frightening Floyds present Handbook for the Dead.

Welcome all spirits! The Frightening Floyds present to you, Handbook for the Dead – a guide to help all new manifestations realize their functional perimeters. Within this anthology, you’ll read paranormal accounts from individuals who have experienced phantoms and disturbances that have not only chilled them, but also left them with some new insight into the supernatural. Now, they want to share their stories and wisdom with you. That way, if you’re feeling a little flat, or even if you’re a lost soul, you won’t have to draw a door and knock. Handbook for the Dead is sure to please the strange and unusual in everyone, and we promise it doesn’t read like stereo instructions.
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The Frightening Floyds present Paranormal Encounters: a collection of 14 tales of true ghostly experiences. From a malevolent spirit remaining in an apartment, to a loving phone call from a lost relative; from a house with a sliding chair and slamming doors, to a snow globe moving across a bedroom; from a possible past-life experience to a ghostly stranger in a radio station, this anthology contains several strange and unusual stories that are sure to entertain fans of the paranormal.
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Go deeper into ghostly history as you tour Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown in the Historic Triangle. Visit haunted Jamestown Island, where Captain John Smith and the first English colonists settled. Stroll around Williamsburg and follow the same footsteps of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington as they walked along Duke of Gloucester Street. Tour ghostly historic Yorktown from the colonial era through the Civil War. You’ll hear odd noises and see apparitions, but above all, be prepared to get to know the ghosts of the Historic Triangle and its surrounding areas. They’re dying for you to hear their stories.

There's a ghost town then there's a ghost town! A Ghost on Every Corner is a collection of stories from paranormal investigators who have done investigations in some of America's most haunted cities. Read about the ghost haunting a restaurant in Galena, Illinois, or about a Gettysburg Battlefield ghost who follows an investigator home! There’s also Marilyn Monroe’s ghost haunting the famous Roosevelt Hotel, a ghost violently attacking an investigator at the Sallie House and the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe’s adoptive father angrily pushing an investigator down the stairs! You’ll also get to read historical (as well as ghostly!) information about places such as The Alamo, Myrtles Plantation and the famous BirdCage Theater. Walk with investigators located across the country as they gather evidence about ghosts and go where no other would dare to tread!

Travel to Petersburg, Virginia, and the surrounding areas of Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Prince George, Dinwiddie, and nearby Ettrick-Matoaca, Enon, and Chester to discover what spirits, monsters, UFOs, and legends await the unwary. Why are the Union and Confederate spirits still fighting the Civil War in the battlefields?

Return once more to haunted Richmond, where no building is safe from supernatural happenings. Visit Stories Comics, which holds more than just comics within its walls. Step back in time at Henricus Historical Park where you'll be welcomed by dead colonists, Civil War soldiers, and other haunts.

Like every state in the Union, Virginia has unique myths, legends, and yes, even true stories that sound much like legends, but aren't. Learn about the urban legend of the Bunnyman and what happens to mortals at his Bunnyman Bridge in Clifton at midnight on Halloween. Prepare to discover the myths surrounding Edgar Allan Poe and other famous Virginians.

Richmond is chock-full of ghosts and haunted places. This city names Edgar Allan Poe as its native son, and it is rich in ghostly lore, legends, and tales. Join this tour to: Learn why Virginia's governor shares his mansion with ghosts • Dine with ghosts at Ruth's Chris Steak House and Crab Louie's Seafood Tavern.