Film, Stage, TV Show and Mini Series Acting Credits

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Film, Television, & Commercial Roles

2015 - Coney Island Trailer—Tracey Lynn Frame—Extra in TV Pilot

2014 - The19th—High Mountain Films—Party Attendee for Big Party Scene—

2012 - Dillzilla—Pickleman Productions—Elizabeth Pasieczny—Smithfield, Va. Woman

2009 - Mistress and Princess—Nobilis (director/writer/producer)—Voiceover—Role of the Princess's Robot

2006 - Office Democ in Democ—Darkstone Entertainment

2004 - Penance-Augusto Domingo (Producer/Director)-Speaking Role

2003 - Virgin Joseph—Moon River Films

2003 - It's All About You—CCT Productions

2003 - Rise of Nobility Audio Drama—Shaven Wookie Productions-Directed and Voiceover—Nordey Weems.

2002 - Iron Jawed Angels—HBO Films

2002 - Revelations—Panic Struck Productions

2001 - Mickey

2000 - Hearts In Atlantis—Castle Rock Productions 

2000 - Maleena's Castle—(Children's TV Show-Pilot & Ep.2)-Castle Productions 

1999 - Sally Hennings Mini Series 

1999 - Cherry Falls—USA Network 

1998 - Virginia Lottery Training Film

1997 - TNT's Day Lincoln Was Shot

1997 - Effigy

1996 - The Jackal

1993 - Lassie 

Casting Director

2013 - The 19th - High Mountain Films

Roles in Stage Plays

2003 - Chesterfield Children's Theatre's Dinner Theatre & Wizard of Oz & Puss--In Boots (also wrote Puss In Boots)--Chesterfield Children's Theatre 

2002 - Thumbelina & Snow Queen--Chesterfield Children's Theatre

2001 - Sleeping Beauty--Chesterfield Children's Theatre-Witch

2001 - Aladdin, Snow White and Seven Dwarves, The Little Mermaid, Little Shop of  Horrors-Chesterfield Children's Theatre 

1999 - Annie & Titanic--Chesterfield Children's Theatre

1999 - Words, Words, Words (Directed Too) and Joey-Boy--The Barn Theatre 

1998 - Anne of Green Gables (musical) & Anastasia--Chesterfield Children's Theatre--Raxhel Lynde 

1998 - Monologue of Why We Have A Body--Diva Night 

1995 - Anne of Green Gables- -Chesterfield Players 

1978 - Romeo & Juliet--Old Globe



1999/2000 -  Acting II--Thom Moore--& Directing Class--David Majewski--Richard Bland 

College 1998 - Acting Workshops I & II--Deanna Lund & Acting Workshop-Erin Gray 

1997 -  On-Camera Beginner Acting Workshop-Uptown Talent & Entertainment, Inc.

1973/1975 - Grossmont Community College-Major: TV/Movie/Radio Productions /Minor: Drama/Dance 

1971/1972 -   El Cajon Valley High School--El Cajon, California-Theatre



Horseback Riding (Western & English),

Dance( Jazz, Ballet, Modern, & Theatrical, Ballroom, Folk Dance, and Rock Discotheque)

Sewing (even by hand a complete dress)

Cooking & Baking


Raising & Walking Dogs

Handling Cats

Grooming & Saddling Horses


Writing Stories & Poetry

Making & Wearing Costumes (even historical)

Serving Customers

Operating a Video Camera

Directing Plays & Film

Singing 2nd Soprano

Work on Multi-Line Phone

Drive an Automatic Vehicle

Operate Cash Register


Playing Baseball & Volleyball

Shoot M-16

Raising Babies & Children

Teaching in School

Painting Walls & Doing Crafts

Making Candles 1600s Style

Library Work—Shelving

Checking In and Out Books, Magazines, Etc...

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Star Wars

I not only directed this, but did the voice of Nordey Weems and a wild line or two. Enjoy.

If you enjoy Star Wars, you might enjoy this.

Shaven Wookie Productions

Rise of Nobility is a story about Padme Amidala growing up. Padme wasn't always the stolid, non-emotional and self-assured queen that she was in The Phantom Menace. What Rise of Nobility tries to explain is why and how she becomes that way. Feelings of dissapointment, anger and regret cause her grow up much earlier than most. These events forge her into the queen that she will become.


Elizabeth Ascot as Padme Amidala

Evan Slaastad as Anakin Skywalker

Kody Hencz as Anolo

Susan Highsmith as Cook

Lila Atherly as Dene

Christopher Walker as Guard

Armage Bedar as Guard #1

Inari Icewalker as Guard #2

Keith Abbott as Jar Jar Binks

Bill Corning as Mechanic

Shawn Johnston as Narrator

Pamela Kinney as Nordey

Evan Grummell as Pilot

Abe Dieckman as Prince Veruna

Michael Smith as Professor Sacul

Eric Grove as Qui-Gon Jinn

John Reeves as Raneely

Ted Alderman as Redbeard

Corey Dell as Reve

Linda Lyons as Shmi Skywalker

Andy Matthews as Student #1

Chris Matthews as Student #2

Jeremy Caldwell as Prince Xizor

Elizabeth Ascot, Armage Bedar, Shawn Johnston, Pamela Kinney, Adam Bertocci, Brian Bisetti as Wild Lines